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Last updateLun, 26 Jan 2015 12pm

Army: Air Force appoints new spokesman

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has appointed Air Commodore Dele Johnson Alonge as its new spokesman. Air Commodore Alonge was until his appointment, the Air Force’s Deputy Director, Directorate of Public Relations and Information (DOPRI).

He replaces Air Commodore Yusuf Anas who is proceeding on retirement after over 30 years of service in the NAF.

Outgoing spokesman, Air Commodore Anas, said, while introducing Air Commodore Alonge to the media in Abuja, that his retirement is according to the terms and condition of service in the Air Force.

The new spokesman resumes just as the Air Force released publications, educating members of the public, especially school children, on actions to be taken on sighting suspicious objects or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

'This is to help members of the public, especially school children, to provide a platform for making the citizens avoid triggering explosions from IEDs, help security agencies fight the on-going insurgency and secure the lives of all, he said.

The publications which are being distributed to members of the public freely details the conduct of citizens when they sight suspicious object or IEDs, what to do when suspicious people are sighted, conduct during an explosion and after an explosion. It also states what anyone under the debris need to do to escape being buried under it.

The publications also details on the use of telephones, mobile phones and hand radio in order to avoid electrical sparks or signals that could trigger bombs.

Pana 08/07/2014