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Last updateLun, 26 Jan 2015 6pm

Security: Two die in Libya prison riot

Tripoli, Libya - Two prisoners were killed on Friday evening in a riot at the al-Roumi prison at Aïn Zara, a western suburb of the capital Tripoli, the Libyan Justice minister, Salah al-Marghani, said on Saturday.

The riot, which caused a fire in part of the prison, also left several prisoners injured who were sent to the military base of Maatigua. The dead comprised a Libyan and a foreign national.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, 10 prisoners escaped by profiting from a attack perpetrated by gunmen against a van carrying prisoners to a tribunal in Tripoli.

Sources said that the incident was the third of its kind in several months only.

In August, 18 prisoners escaped after the attack perpetrated by armed men against a convoy of prisoners.

The first incident dates back to April when gunmen attacked a convoy carrying prisoners in Tajoura, in the eastern suburb of Tripoli, leaving one prisoner dead and several others injured.

Since the fall of the Kadhafi regime in 2011, most prisons in Libya have been under the control of gunmen who are not under the authority of the government.

The situation caused a huge deterioration of human rights in the detention centres and thais has been denounced regularly by international human rights organizations.

Pana 13/04/2014