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Military cooperation US - Burundi

The United States, Burundi strengthen military cooperation - The United States and Burundi are to strengthen their military cooperation, PANA reported from here Monday, citing a communique issued by the US embassy in the Burundi capital. According to the communiqué, an agreement to this effect was signed Friday by the Burundian External Relations and International Cooperation Minister, Laurent Kavakure, and the US Ambassador to Burundi, Mrs Dawn Liberi.

Under the agreement, the US will continue to offer training and materials to the Burundi national defence forces in a bid to improve its capacity to promote peace and security in the world.

The US has so far provided aid worth about US$ 200 million to Burundi to help the African country prepare to participate in regional peacekeeping missions.

The aid is in the form of special training of the Burundian forces in combat, communication, treatment of the wounded, vehicle maintenance logistics and military intelligence.