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Last updateVen, 30 Jan 2015 9am


Tunisian new constitution ratified

Tunis, Tunisia - Tunisia's new constitution, adopted on Sunday, was ratified Monday at a solemn ceremony witnessed by several well-known Western and Arab personalities, PANA reported from here. Tunisian president, Moncef Marzouki, the constituent national assembly president, Mustapha Ben Jaafar, and the outgoing government leader, Ali Larayedh, took their turns in appending their signatures to the document as elected representatives struck up the national anthem.

Speaking at the ceremony, assembly president, Jaafar, said the Constitution was 'a victory for both democracy and liberty values' and 'will be a reference point for the whole region'.

President Marzouki described 'this day' as historical and as a 'victory over terrorism, violence and perpetrators of violence'.

In a statement issued by UN office in Tunis, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon welcomed 'the commitment to dialogue and consensus that characterized the democratic transition in Tunisia.

'Tunisia has taken a new historical step through the adoption today of a new Constitution,' the UN chief declared, saying he is 'convinced that the Tunisian example can be a model for other people aspiring to reforms their systems'.

Ban also called on Tunisian politicians to 'ensure that next transition steps are conducted in a peaceful, inclusive and transparent way'.

He urged the international community to increase its support to Tunisia's efforts to consolidate its democracy and take up future economic challenges.

Also speaking, the Algerian national assembly president, Abdelkader Ben Salah, expressed the wishes of Algerians to see Tunisia succeed more in diverse areas such as the political, economic and social domains.

'Algeria will be by the side of Tunisia because it does not have a short memory and does not forget that recently (during Algeria's independence struggle), Tunisia supported us and showed solidarity to the Algerian people,' he affirmed.

The French Senate president, Jean-Pierre Bell, said Tunisians had shown tremendous courage since the revolution of January 2011, adding that the new Constitution 'showed Tunisia's commitment to democracy and the rule of law'.

'France is committed to support Tunisia in its political, economic and social challenges', he pledgted.