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New Constitution adopted in Tunisia

Tunisia on Sunday adopted a new Constitution that caters for freedoms and rights as well as gender equality, among others, three years after the Arab Spring that has now changed the face of the region was triggered by the country. The Constitution was adopted with 200 votes for, 12 against and four abstentions by the Constituent Assembly.

'This is a historic day,' said parliamentarian Karim Souid, after the adoption of the Constitution.

Also commenting, National Assembly chairperson Mustapha Ben Jafar said: 'Even if the new Constitution is not perfect, it is one of consensus.

'We have fixed a new appointment with history to build a democracy based on rights and   equality that opens new perspectives in the future for Tunisia.'

The new Constitution was adopted on the same day as the announcement of a new government led by Mehdi Jomma, an independent.

The government, which comprises many non-politicians, is expected to oversee the last step of the political transition process leading to the elections.

Human Rights representative Emna Guellali urged the civil society to be vigilant about the implementation of the Constitution.

A high point of the Constitution is its recognition of gender equality, the first of its kind in the Arab world.

Article 20 speaks clearly of 'equality between men and women in rights and duties'.

Pana 27/01/2014