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Tunisia-Government: PM unveils new cabinet

The Tunisian Prime Minister, Mehdi Jomaa, on Sunday unveiled his new government, composed mainly of 'independents', who will lead the country to the general elections later this year, effectively ending the democratic transition in Tunisia since the fall of president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011, PANA reported from Tunis.

Jomaa said the choice of members of his cabinet was made on three criteria -- independence, competence and loyalty.

Here is the composition of the new government:??-
Justice and Human Rights Minister - Hafedh Ben Salah?.
Home Minister - Lofti Ben Jeddou?.
National Defence Minister - Ghazi Jeribi?.
Foreign Affairs Minister - Mongi Hamdi?.
Economy and Finance Minister - Hakim Ben Hammouda?.
Industry, Energy and Mines Minister - Kamel Bennaceur?.
Agriculture Minister - Lassaad Lachaal?.
Trade and Handicraft Minister - Najla Harrouch Moalla?.
Social Affairs Minister - Ahmed Ammar Younbaii?.
Tertiary Education and Scientific Research Minister - Taoufik Jelassi?.
National Education Minister - Fathi Jarray?.
Health Minister - Mohamed Salah Ben Ammar.
Transport Minister - Chiheb Ben Ahmed.
Equipment, Country Planning and Sustainable Development Minister - Hédi Bel Arbi?. Employment and Professional Training Minister - Hafeth Laamouri?.
Religious Affairs Minister - Mounir Tlili?.
Youth and Sports, Women and Family Minister - Saber Bouatay?.
Tourism Minister - Amel Karboul?.
Culture Minister - Mourad Sakli?.
Minister in charge of Coordination and Economic Affairs to the Prime Minister: Nidhal Ouerfelli?.
Minister delegated to the Home Minister in charge of Security - Ridha Safar?.
Secretary of State to the Prime Minister in charge of Civil Service - Anour Ben Khalifa?. Secretary of State in charge of Local Government - Abderazzak Ben Khalifa?.
Secretary of State to Foreign Affairs - Fayçal Gouria?.
Secretary of State to Women's, Children and Family Affairs - Naila Chaabane Hamouda?. Secretary of State to Development and International Cooperation - Noureddine Zekri?. Secretary of State to the Domains of the State - Karim El-Jamoussi?.
Secretary of State to Sustainable Development - Mounir al-Majdoub?.

Pana 27/01/2014