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The Challenges and Prospects of Journalism in the Age of New Media

US Embassy, MFWA to organize media forums - The Accra-based Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), in partnership with the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Accra, Ghana, will organize two separate forums on the topic: “The Challenges and Prospects of Journalism in the Age of New Media', MFWA said in a statement received here by PANA.

According to the organizers, the two forums, which will feature panel discussions by three US-based journalists and a Ghanaian broadcast journalist, will highlight 'how electronic media journalism is or should be changing with the emergence of new media technologies'.

'The forums will focus on the nature of the New Media and how news presentation has changed over the last decades as a result of the emergence of new media technology and the growing popularity of citizen journalism,' they noted.

The first of the forums will be held at the Ghana International Press Centre in Accra on 28 January and will also feature a presentation by award winning multi-media journalist, Will Sullivan.

Mr. Sullivan is said to be the Director of Mobile for the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which is the independent US federal agency that oversees all US civilian international media issues.

The MFWA statement further disclosed that the second forum would take place on 5 February in Takoradi, also in Ghana.

Pana 25/01/2014