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Last updateMar, 27 Jan 2015 9am


Tension soars over opposition’s planned protest - South Africa

Tension is running high between the African National Congress (ANC)-led government in South Africa and the official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), which has announced a planned protest next month. The DA said thousands of its supporters would march to the ANC's headquarters in Johannesburg 4 take the “fight for jobs” campaign to the ruling party.

DA leader Helen Zille said each DA supporter would represent 1,000 unemployed South Africans “who will benefit from the six million real jobs that the DA will create if elected to national government”.

She blamed the President Jacob Zuma-led ANC for the failure to cut corruption and create jobs, and said the DA would expose the ANC's pledge of creating six million job opportunities as “bogus”.

However, the ANC hit back Friday by saying the threat to march is a “provocative and attention-seeking stunt”.

The ANC’s Youth League also warned that its “400,000 members” would defend the party.

In 2012, a DA march for a youth wage subsidy to the ANC-aligned Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) head office in Braamfontein turned violent when the congress' members pelted DA supporters with stones.

Within the next five months, South Africans will go to the polls in the most closely contested elections since 1994.

Pana 24/01/2014