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Tripoli: 23 killed, 25 wounded as Libyan army clashes with armed groups

Tripoli, Libya - Some 23 people, including three soldiers and 20 criminals, were killed while 25 others were injured in clashes that erupted Thursday night between the Libyan army and members of the armed groups operating in Warshafa, in the western part of the nation's capital, Tripoli, PANA reported from here Friday. Twenty members of the armed groups were also arrested in the clashes that broke out a day after Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan announced the end of military operations in the area.

The region around Warshafa has witnessed armed attacks, car jacking and killing of motorists along the highway between Tripoli and the towns in the western part of the country.

The local residents have shut down the highway several times to protest against the lack of security there.

Last Sunday, Libyan security forces launched an operation in Warshafa against the criminals.

But a day after Prime Minister Zeidan announced the end of the operation, fresh clashes broke out between the army and the criminals.

Libya has been beset by insecurity since the end of the 2011 uprising that ended the long tenure of former Libyan leader Mouammar Khadafi.

Pana 24/01/2014