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Health: 'Households spend ¾ of their income on health'

Hospital care and medicines account for three quarters of the health expenditures from the income of the average Congolese, a situation that increases the poverty rate, the Director of health information and research, Richard Bilekot, disclosed here Wednesday.

The disclosure was made during the 2009-2010 health assessment ceremony (CNS), meant to analyze and improve the funding of national health system.

Over those two years, the health expenses in Congo per capita soared to around 30 per cent, rising from US$ 52 to US$ 67.

According to Bilekot, Congo health expenses do not tally with the country’s economic development.

They rather stagnate, he pointed out, while recalling that the Congolese government used to subsidize health expenses up to 60 per cent while the households would pay 30 per cent and the local communities 4 per cent.

Pana 16/01/2014