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Society/Senegal: NGOs unite in seeking violence-free politics in Senegal

Violence-free politics in Senegal - Determined to end the recurring political violence in Senegal, civil society organizations and their partners Tuesday came together here to seek a united front against political violence.

PANA reported that the partners on Tuesday launched an umbrella group which will carry out a comprehensive research into the root causes of political violence with a view to tackling it.

The initiators of the group also said they intend to unify all manners of interest with a view to establishing the enabling environment for politics in Senegal.

The new group said it will concentrate its actions on training, sensitisation and education for the security forces, politicians, the youth and women, among other stakeholders.

The NGOs are made up of Civil society activists, security experts, the Senegalese human rights committee and several specialists and human rights supporters, according to Rokhiatou Gassama, a top member of the Group.

At the group's launch, Gassama stressed that Senegal did not have a unifying framework likely to put collate efforts made by researchers, university professors, youth and women interested in the prevention and management of political problem.

“The group will deal with the problems of political violence in Senegalese, a democratic country cited everywhere in Africa as a model of democracy, but which is not immuned to what happens elsewhere,' said Gassam, also chairwoman of the group of victims of electoral violence.

PANA reports that, lately, several members of the ruling party, the Alliance for Republic (APR), have been fingered in acts of violence, using weapons and bombs, as Senegal approaches the municipal and departmental elections to be held on 29 June.

Pana 19/03/2014