Last updateLun, 26 Jan 2015 10am

Visas/Libya: '200,000 Egyptians enter Libya with forged visas'

Tripoli, Libya - Libyan Ambassador to Egypt Mohamed Fayez Jibril has alleged that 200,000 Egyptians have entered his country with forged visas, but denied accusations of persecution of the illegal immigrants.

The Libyan diplomat told the TV channel 'Al Haya' here that an unprecedentedly-high number of Egyptians has been streaming into Libya, without respect for the host country's immigration law.

'The Egyptians who violate laws on residence and free movement in Libya are becoming increasingly numerous. Over 200,000 Egyptians have entered Libya with forged visas,' Jibril said, adding that 600,000 Egyptians are currently in Libya.

'The forged visas used by the Egyptians to enter Libya are manufactured in China,' he said.

While assuring that Libya will not persecute the Egyptians, he however said: 'We do not rule out that Gaddafi supporters are the perpetrators of assassinations against Egyptian Copts in Libya.'

According to him, the supporters of the old regime are seeking to strain the relations between the two countries.

Pana 19/03/2014