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Libya: Ex-Libyan PM denies any deal for Saadi Kaddafi extradition

Saadi Kaddafi extradition - Former Libyan Prime minister Ali Zeidan has denied striking any deal for the extradition from Niger to Libya of Saadi Kaddafi, son of former dictator Mouamar Kaddafi, and Abdallah Mansour, an important personality in the former regime.

Some media reports said Saadi, who fled to Niger in 2011 before the fall of his father, was handed over to Libya after the latter paid a certain amount of money to Niger.

In his first media interview since fleeing the country following the vote of no confidence in him by the Libyan parliament, Zeidan said that the handing over of the two men to the Libyan authorities came after the events that happened in southern Libya in early January and the occupation of the air base of 'Tamenhant', near Sebha (southern capital). He did not elaborate.

The former Premier urged the Libyan authorities to strengthen ties with neighbouring countries, particularly Niger and Chad, in a bid to achieve stability and tighten security in the South by preventing cross-border crimes.

The Nigerien government has said it handed over Saadi and Mansour to the Libyan authorities because of they violated the condition for their continued stay in the West African nation.

Pana 17/03/2014