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Education workers union urges members to continue strike

Cotonou, Benin - An education sector union in Benin has called on its members to continue with their strike following a failed negotiation with the country's President.

In a statement made available to PANA on Sunday, the union said the outcome of the talks was not positive for teachers as far as their specific demands are concerned, which is the cause of the strike that started 24 Jan.

'The union urges male and female teachers from all sectors, from pre-school stage to the secondary, to continue strongly the strike in order not to fall once again into the governmental trickery already experienced in 2012,' the statement said.

The union expressed regret that the 25% salary increase for all civil servants in August 2011 is still being confused with the incentive allowance for teachers, which was granted in 2005.

Since 7 Jan., the Beninese civil service has been paralysed by a three-day weekly strike, following the 27 Dec. 2013 violent suppression of a peaceful protest by the country's main unions to demand the protection of their fundamental liberties.

After that police action, the unions called for the weekly strike to demand the dismissal of the police commissioner of the city of Cotonou and the administrative authority of the Atlantic and the Coastal region.

Negotiations to end the strike have so far failed.

Pana 17/03/2014