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Government, radical opposition discuss conditions for free polls

Nouakchott, Mauritania - The Mauritanian government has opened consultations with the radical opposition group for a free and fair presidential election due for this year, official sources told PANA on Wednesday.

In that respect, Prime minister Moulaye Ould Mohamed Laghdaf has over the past two days met the leader of the party Hatem, Salah Ould Hanana, and the leader of the Movement for Refoundation (MPR), Kane Hamidou Baba 'to hear their opinions on the conditions needed to hold a free and fair presidential election in accordance with the electoral calender.'

In response to the government's approach, Ould Hanana said 'the only solution to get out of the crisis, which Mauritania has been going through for years now, resides in frank and open national dialogue within the framework of which all problems would be discussed'.

Baba insisted on 'the need to reassure the country's political class about the honesty of the government and its willingness to examine seriously the reasons why political parties, including MPR, boycotted parliamentary and municipal elections held in November and December last year'.

The 10 political parties under the Coordination of Democratic Opposition (COD) of which Hatem and MPR are members, boycotted last year's elections because of 'lack of transparency'.

Pana 13/03/2014