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First Solar Cooperative Farm launched

Port-Louis, Mauritius - The People’s Cooperative Renewable Energy (PCRE) Wednesday launched the first solar cooperative farm in Mauritius, on the occasion of the country's 46th Independence anniversary.

The cooperative society consists of some 150 citizens, small farmers, trade union delegates, ecologists, eco-socialist campaigners and some 25 organisations.

Ashok Subron, a leading member of the PRCE, said its objective is to campaign for the flourishing of solar farm on a cooperative basis in Mauritius.

He said a similar initiative would also be undertaken in the island of Rodrigues.

Subron said the PRCE also stems from the “Say no to coal and yes to clean energy” campaign, led by the youth, citizens, progressive and leftist movements in the island.

“The PRCE aims at exposing the paradoxical fact: an independent country is not one, if it is totally dependent on dirty fossil fuel imports, while it is surrounded with clean and natural sun. An independent country is not one if energy production is controlled by a tiny few,' he added.

A campaign is being launched all over the country for citizens and organisations to join the cooperative society.

Pana 13/03/2014