Last updateMar, 27 Jan 2015 10pm

Libyan army takes control of Sirte airport, military base

Tripoli, Libya - Libyan army units tasked with lifting the blockade on oil terminals by armed militias in the eastern part of Libya late on Tuesday took control of the airport in Sirte, 450km from East of the capital city of Tripoli and the 'Gardhabia' military base.

“Clashes between the government units and the forces of self-proclaimed Council of Berga (Cyrenaica) have taken place with no casualties reported, but the militias were forced to retreat towards the area of Wadi al- Ahmar, 90 km east of Sirte,” Libyan Army Col. Hassen Chaka said.

On Monday, the Speaker of Libya’s National General Congress (Parliament), the country’s highest legislative and political authority, Nouri Abousahmein, who is also the Supreme Commander of the Army, set up a military task force to lift the blockade of the main oil terminals by armed groups demanding a federal system for Libya.

The crisis has reduced Libya's oil production to 250,000 barrels per day, as against the 1.5 million before the start of the separatist movement.

Pana 13/03/2014