Last updateMer, 28 Jan 2015 10am

Parliament passes no confidence vote in PM Zeidan

Tripoli, Libya - Libya's National General Congress (GNC), the country's highest parliamentary and political body, Tuesday passed a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Ali Zeidan.

GNC also named Defence Minister Abdallah al-Theni as interim Prime Minister.

'The Congress on Tuesday voted by 124 votes for the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and his replacement by the Defence Minister Abdallah al-Theni to carry out in the interim for two weeks, the time to designate a new Prime Minister,' said Member of Parliament Mohamed Ali Abdallah.

Another MP, Naima al-Hammi, said the Congress had already received the candidacies of 19 people for the post of Prime Minister, out of which only ten candidates were selected.

Until now, Mr Zeidan had escaped such vote because of the lack of quorum (120 out of 196 MPs) in the GNC.

Mr Zeidan's government assumed office 14 Nov. 2012.

Pana 12/03/2014