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Impounded North Korean-flagged vessel escapes

Tripoli, Libya - The North Korean tanker, which was seized by the Libyan military after loading an illegal shipment of crude oil from the Al- Sidera port being held by a separatist armed group in eastern Libya, has escaped from the North African nation, according to sources close to the Libyan National Congress (Parliament).

The oil tanker, named 'Glory morning”, escaped to international waters after shaking off the Libyan navy boats which had surrounded it, Abdelkader al- Houeily, member of the Committee on Energy of the Congress said on the al Nabaa - TV.

'The North Korean tanker took advantage of the bad weather to escape (from) the Libyan navy boats not designed to sail in bad weather conditions,' he said.

On Monday night, contradictory information had circulated about who really controls the North Korean tanker, as Libyan government said it was under its control while the separatist armed group said it was in charge.

Last Saturday, the tanker docked at Al- Sedra, prompting Libyan authorities to send navy boats to prevent it from leaving the country's territorial waters.

Pana 12/03/2014