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Illegal sale of Libyan crude

UN, US criticise illegal sale of Libyan crude - The UN has criticised Libya's militias for illegally selling the country's crude oil for their own benefit. The global body described as 'illegal' the attempt by a North Korean oil tanker to buy such crude Monday. The move was foiled by the Libyan military.

The UN's position was expressed Monday at a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York, during which the special representative of the UN Secretary-General in Libya, Mr. Tarek Mitri, presented a report on the situation in the North African country.

Mitri told the council that on 8 March, a North Korean vessel, the 'Morning Glory', loaded oil in a pact with the armed groups occupying some oil fields in eastern Libya.

He said the procedure was illegal and violated Libya's sovereignty on its ports and natural resources.

In a related development, the US has warned Libya's militias against illegal sale of the country's crude oil and threatened to impose sanctions on them.

A US State Department press release said any unauthorised sale of crude oil would be met with punishment.

The Libyan armed forces, backed by former rebels, on Monday took control of the North Korean tanker which had entered the Libyan territorial waters without authorisation from the country's authorities.

The Libyan news agency, quoting a senior military officer, reported that the tanker was seen on Monday evening being taken from the al-Sedra terminal, where it berthed, to the port of Kasser Ahmed of Misrata, 200km east of the capital city of Tripoli.

Pana 12/03/2014