Last updateMer, 28 Jan 2015 8pm

Drug abuse: Minister warns tertiary students against drug abuse

Mauritian Health Minister Lormus Bundhoo warned university students on Monday against drug abuse, in the wake of a sensitization campaign against drug abuse presently going on in Mauritius.

Talking to students of the University of Technology (UTM), the Minister said that a youth who was a drug addict could not participate actively in the economic life of his country while his parents and the government had invested massively in his education and in his health.

He told them that drug abuse brought a change in the brain and it modified behaviours, judgments and coordinations that could provoke accidents and aggressiveness.

'Drug abuse impacts also on HIV-aids, crime and sexual abuse.” he emphasised, and recalled that the island’s economy depended on today’s youth as the population would start to grow old by 2030.

According to the National Agency for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Substance Abuse (NATRESA), 28.6 per cent of Mauritian drug users have took their first substance before the age of 18.

Pana 12/03/2014