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Illegal sale of crude oil in Libya

Libyans denounce illegal sale of crude oil - Libyan authorities have put in place a mechanism to prevent attempts by armed groups to illegally export the country's oil at the 'al-Sidera' port in the eastern part of the country, PANA learnt from official sources.

A North Korean oil tanker docked at the port Saturday, prompting the authorities to send several frigates from the Libyan Navy to prevent these illegal practices.

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, who described the illegal sale of Libyan oil as a 'violation of its sovereignty and international law,' warned that the army will not hesitate to use force to combat such abuses.

Libyans have widely criticised the attempt to illegal export the country's oil.

In comments made on the Social Media, they condemned the practice as an attempt to deprive them of their daily bread.

'Oil is a wealth that belongs to all Libyans and nobody has the right to take it over for his personal benefit or misappropriate it,' Abdelkader al-Ghoul, a state official, said.

In Ajdabiya, west of Benghazi, ordinary citizens and civil society activists staged a sit-in Sunday to condemn the action of the Council of Berga (Cyrenaica), the political body of pro-federalists not recognised by the Libyan government.

Pana 11/03/2014