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'Congo deeply involved in resolution of CAR crisis'

Congo, a member of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), has been participating in the African-led International Support Mission in the CAR (MISCA), which is aimed at restoring peace and stability in its neighbour since the coup in the country in March 2013.

Congo, according to its army staff, has sent nearly 1,000 peacekeepers (soldiers, gendarmes and police) to CAR. It has the largest contingent under MISCA, which has about 6,000 troops working alongside French troops involved in the Sangaris operation.

Brazzaville began sending troops following the coup of 24 March 2013 which brought Michel Djotodia and the Seleka coalition to power after overthrowing the regime of President François Bozizé, who himself came to power by force in March 2003. Djotodia was forced to step down on 10 January.

Initially, about 150 police officers were sent on 4 June to Bangui as part of the peacekeeping mission (Comipax). The Police Unit had four core tasks: securing Bangui, training defence and security forces, securing all humanitarian convoys as well as securing future elections, their leader, Lieutenant Colonel Rodrigue said.

Between September and December, Congo sent nearly 700 soldiers to CAR as part of the African-led International Support Mission in the CAR, according to the General Staff. The mission is headed by Jean-Marie Mokoko, a Congolese retired general. The Congolese head of state, Denis Sassou N'Guesso, is the mediator of the CAR crisis.

In addition to troops, the Congo also participated in the provision of logistics, including three  personnel carriers and an armored vehicle which were transported to Bangui aboard the Congolese aircraft.

Much earlier in 2012, while the civil war raged in the north of Mali, Congo provided logistics to carry at least 2,000 Chadian military in Mali.

But Congo’s contribution to peacekeeping missions goes beyond military and logistics.

The appointment of the President of the Republic of Congo as mediator of the CAR crisis and the designation in 2009 of Congolese Rodolphe Adada, former Minister of Foreign Affairs (1997 and 2007), as Special Representative of the UN and the AU in Sudan's Darfur region show the level of the country’s commitment in these types of operations.

Pana 10/03/2014