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Neighbouring countries to discuss border security in Tripoli

Border security – Libya is to host a meeting of neighbouring countries to discus problems regarding security of their common borders. The meeting will be attended by Libya, Tunisia, Niger, Algeria, Chad, Sudan and Egypt, the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan told a press conference on Saturday night in Tripoli.

“At this meeting, we will discus ways and means to strengthen border security and prevent all that can be a source of problem in the border areas,' the Libyan Prime minister stated.

He said the meeting was agreed at the international conference on Libya that took place in Rome, Italy, last Thursday.

According to him, the Rome conference renewed its support to Libya and the preservation of its security.

With more than 4,000 km of land border with six countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Niger, Chad and Egypt) and 1,700 km of coast line, Libya is unable to control its borders that have become porous since the fall of the regime of Mouammar Khadhafi in 2011.

The borders are subject to all sorts of trafficking, mainly of arms, goods and drugs. They also serve as a transit route for Islamic jihadists that roam the region.

In December 2012, the Libyan transition authorities closed the borders of the country with four countries - Algeria, Niger, Chad and Sudan - because of a deterioration of security in the south.

But since then, Libya is coordinating security at its borders with Algeria and Tunisia under an institution cadre created by the Ghadamès Summit that was held in January 2013 in Libya.

The Summit commended cooperation among these three countries in the struggle against trafficking and trans-border terrorism.

Pana 10/03/2014