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Women’s day celebration dominates media in Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia - With the debate on the constitution taking centre stage, the media in Zambia, however, this week draw the public’s attention to the International Women’s Day, commemorated 8 March, urging the public to celebrate and honour all women and girls.

The state-run Zambia Daily Mail, in its editorial, said Zambia has a definite and particular cause for celebration, as the country can gain inspiration and joy from the fact that it is a young women’s football team that will be raising the Zambian flag at this year’s World Cup.

“The under-17 players are a beacon of hope for all citizens in proving that with commitment, confidence, team work and selflessness, we as a nation can achieve great things – regardless of your background,” the paper stated Saturday.

It noted that football, like so many other areas of social endeavour, has traditionally been seen as a man’s domain and it takes particular courage for women to enter into such professions.

“Women continue to score firsts by making strides in the political sphere, medical, engineering, transport, banking, farming and more,” the paper added.

It is undeniable that women sit at the core of human development and so as International Women’s Day we wish to cheer every woman and girl who takes up the challenge to empower themselves and contribute to the growth of the nation, the Zambia Daily Mail said.

“So this year’s theme: “Inspiring Change: Celebrating God’s Favour on 50 years of Women’s Excellence and Achievements” is well suited. As a nation, we have continued to witness government’s commitment to empowering women with more and more women being recognised and being appointed to high profile decision-making positions.”

The Times of Zambia stressed the importance for women who usually do not accommodate men on international women’s day to craft programmes that will allow men to also have a voice or an active role to play so that efforts to champion the rights of women and girls can yield the desired result.

The paper said excluding men from such programmes will leave women with a lone voice which will not have an impact at any level at all.

“In Zambia, this year’s theme is ‘inspiring change to bring social equality to be fully human and alive.’ At global level, the theme is ‘equality for Women is Progress for all.’ In both cases, the catch word is equality which all inhabitants across the globe must propagate in order to sustain progress in political, economic, and social spheres,” the state-run newspaper stated in an opinion this week.

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