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Italy: Libya appeals for international support

Rome, Italy - The chairman of the Libyan National General Congress (CGN-Parliament), Nouri Abou Sahmein, on Thursday appealed to the international community to continue supporting his country until the establishment of rule of law and institutions.

Speaking at the opening of the second international conference on support for Libya, he expressed the hope that the meeting would 'result in recommendations aimed at promoting the country’s democratic process, by rejecting all attempts to seize power by force or violence or to reject the will expressed by the people which made huge sacrifice to regain liberty”.

Sahmein said Libyans expected the conference to help the country take up the challenges it faced particularly border protection, illegal immigration, terrorism and drug trafficking, as well as access to technology, training and capacity development.

'The accumulation of the demands expressed by citizens over the past four years and the lack of democratic experience are among the huge obstacles that face Libya in the achievement of certain stages of the current period.'

Sahmein said that CGN had amended several laws to enable the government to establish institutions, including the law on transitional justice, which established the principle of the reparation of damage to favour national reconciliation, as well as the law on criminality, torture, kidnapping and discrimination.

Other judicial dispositions are the law on the ban on arms and possession of bombs, as well as a law on the country’s accounts and administrative control, aimed at activating the state institutions.

The conference is being attended by more than 30 Arab, African, European countries and the United States, as well as representatives from the African Union, the Arab Maghreb Union, the European Union, the Council of Cooperation for the Gulf countries, the Arab League, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the United Nations.

The Rome conference follows that held on 12 February last year in the French capital, Paris, that adopted 'The Development Plan for National Safety and the Plan for the Development of Justice and Rule of law', which will be implemented by the Libyan authorities, with the help and support of international partners.

Libya has over the past many months been facing an outbreak of violence, marked by a wave of assassinations in the city of Benghazi, cradle of the 2011 revolution, which overthrew the regime of former dictator Mouamar Kadhafi.

A serious crisis also divides the country’s political class about the extension until December this year, of the term of the national congress which expired on 7 February.

Pana 07/08/2014