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Army denies link with Gaza-bound weapons-laden ship

Khartoum, Sudan - Sudan has denied any link with a weapons-laden ship which Israel reportedly intercepted in the international waters in the Red Sea Wednesday. International media reports said the ship carrying weapons destined for the West Bank and Gaza was intercepted by Israel near the Sudanese coast, and moved to Israeli sea port.

But the Sudanese Army said it had nothing to do with the ship.

“This ship carrying weapons has nothing to do with the Sudan and Sudan’s name forced into the affair. Sudan has nothing to do with the ship,” the Army spokesperson, Col. Sawrmi Khalid, was quoted by the semi-official Sudan Media Centre as saying Thursday.

The spokesman said the ship did not enter the Sudanese regional waters and that its destination was not the Red Sea port, Sudan’s main sea port, or any other Sudanese sea ports.

Pana 07/08/2014