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Mauritius: Authorities aim at US$ 13,000 GDP in six years

Port-Louis, Mauritius - Mauritian Finance Minister, Xavier-Luc Duval, said here Wednesday that the possibility of Mauritius reaching the status of a high-income economy in six years or about US$ 13,000 per head is real.

He was speaking in Port-Louis, the Mauritian capital, at a meeting to reflect on the means of achieving such an objective.

“In six years, our country can be transformed in a high-income economy, provided that we are able to maintain the rhythm of a sustainable growth,' he said.

According to the minister, the idea to place the island on the path of high economic development was initiated two years back with the setting up of an Economic and Social Transformation Programme (ESTP).

“However, there are certain measures to be taken to realize this vision. Some were or shall be popular, like those concerning education; others are or will be less, like the institutional change, the public sector reforms or the measures to increase productivity,' Duval said.

The minister estimated that the purchasing power of the population will increase by 40 to 50 per cent in six years.

Official statistics indicate that the revenue per head in Mauritius that stood at US$ 5,500 in 2005 reached US$ 9,300 in 2013.

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