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Libya: Gunmen attack national TV station

Tripoli, Libya - Gunmen on Tuesday attacked Libya's official television station 'al-Wataniya', firing rocket-propelled grenades at the troops guarding the station before they were repelled, officials said.

There was no report of casualties.

The officials said the attackers were likely to be the followers of militia leader Jumaa al-Shahm, who had controlled the Libya TV station building in the capital, Tripoli, for months before his men were dislodged by government forces last week and al-Shahm arrested.

Three years after the ouster and slaying of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi, Libya's central government still has little authority.

The military and police are in disarray, out-manned and outgunned by rival militias who frequently take over state facilities.

In a related development, an Air Force Colonel was found shot dead hours after he went missing in the country's east, security officials said.

They said the body of Col. Adam Faraj al-Abdali was discovered early Tuesday with shots to his head and chest inside his car near a cemetery in Benghazi. The officer had gone missing hours earlier.

Benghazi is a stronghold of militias with roots in the rebel brigades that fought Gadhafi.

Libya's second largest city has witnessed a series of attacks targeting officials, judges, activists and clerics.

Rarely is any of the attackers apprehended and brought to justice.

Pana 07/08/2014