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Italy: 2nd International conference targets consensus, national dialogue

Tripoli, Libya - The 2nd international conference to support Libya due on Thursday in Rome, Italy, is meant to mobilise international community in favour of Tripoli at this crucial phase of the country, a senior foreign ministry official said on Monday.

Deputy Minister in charge of political affairs at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ms Wafa Aboukaikis, said the conference would help to build a modern, efficient and sovereign Libya, based on the principles on law and human rights.

She was speaking at a joint press conference with the director-general of the political department at the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Sandro Di Bernadine.

Ms Aboukaikis said issues to be discussed included support for a democratic transition, a national dialogue, drafting of the Constitution, local governance as well as strengthening of capacities of national institutions, mainly in security matters.

According to her, the setting up of management mechanisms for security matters at the borders, the fight against corruption, transparency and support to the UN Mission in Libya for better coordination with international partners operating in the country were also on the agenda of the conference.

For his part, Sandro Di Bernadine stressed that the situation in Libya was having an impact on the stability of the Mediterranean region as well on Italy which served as a gateway to Europe.

'This conference in Rome gives a huge responsibility to Libya by offering the country the opportunity to address a strong message showing that the Libyan population and their institutions are able to agree a consensus, to set up a national dialogue and build an institution-based State,” Di Bernadine said.

He stressed that this was necessary to enlist the necessary support from international organisations.

Thirty-one countries and seven international organizations have shown interest to participate in the conference that follows a first one held on 12 February 2013 in Paris, France.

A development plan, regarding security matters, justice and respect for the law to be implemented by the competent authorities within the Libyan government with the full support of international partners representing foreign governments and regional and international organisations, was adopted.

Pana 04/03/2014