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Insecurity aggravates in Libya, 10 dead

Tripoli, Libya - Violence reared its ugly head in Libya Sunday, accounting for the death of 10 people in Benghazi, while several parliamentarians sustained injuries when protesters stormed the Parliament building here, deepening the nation's political crisis on the eve of the International conference on Libya, due to hold 6 March in Rome, Italy.

PANA reports that Benghazi, the epicentre of the Libyan revolution that toppled the regime of Mouammar Khadafi in 2011 after eight months of armed conflicts, was the scene of another round of violence, punctuated by murders and attacks against police and army officers as well as against civil society members.

In a communiqué, the Libyan Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry said 'while the criminals will be brought to justice, the citizens should put an end to the culture of violence and work in favour of tolerance, comprehension and constructive dialogue among all the Libyan population.'

Egypt and France have condemned the attacks after a Frenchman and seven Egyptians were gunned down in Benghazi.

Despite the declaration of emergency by the government since last Thursday, Benghazi remains a hotbed of insecurity and violence.

Pana 04/03/2014