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Ukraine crisis: Pretoria seeks peaceful resolution of Ukraine crisis

South Africa has called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine, which is threatening to spiral out of control. Ukraine has ordered a full military mobilisation in response to Russia's build-up of forces on the peninsula.

Ukraine's interim head of government, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, said his country was now on 'red alert,' and called the Russian parliament's approval of President Vladimir Putin's request to send troops to Crimea 'a declaration of war”.

South Africa’s Department of International Relations expressed its “deep concern” about the unfolding political situation.

Spokesperson Nelson Kgwete said South Africa's foreign policy favoured and promoted peaceful resolution of conflicts and therefore urged all parties in the stand-off to settle the crisis through dialogue.

'We will continue to monitor the situation and encourage international diplomatic efforts meant to produce a lasting peaceful solution,' Kgwete said.

Pana 04/03/2014