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Society: Family of missing policeman protests in Nouakchott

Members of the family of a Mauritanian policeman who disappeared since 14 Dec. 2013, Sidi Mohamed Ould Yetna, organised a protest on Sunday in front of the presidential palace in the capital city of Nouakchott, PANA correspondent reported from here.

They protested against the long silence from the police authorities, and demanded an investigation into the disappearance of a policeman who was on duty when it happened.

A sister to the policeman's mother, Khadijettoo, said “Sidi Mohamed left home on 14 December 2013 and has never again been seen by his family.

“We tried to contact him on the phone but his mobile (phone) was on the voice mail mode.”

According to her, all the moves made by the family to obtain information about his whereabouts have been met with silence.

Pana 03/08/2014