Last updateLun, 26 Jan 2015 8pm

Self-declared anti-Balaka coordinator arrested

The self-proclaimed political coordinator for the anti-Balaka militia, hostile to Muslims in Central African Republic, Patrice Edouard Ngaïssona, has been arrested along with two of his companions in Likouala, in northern part of Congo, local media reported Thursday.

The State-owned daily newspaper, The News of Brazzaville, reported his arrest, quoting from a statement from the International Support Mission of CAR (MISCA). It said Mr. Ngaïssona has been transferred to Brazzaville by the Congolese authorities.

MISCA welcomed the arrest of the political leader who is former member of the CAR’s National Assembly, the newspaper reported.

Ngaissona was a Minister of Youth under the former president François Bozizé, the newspaper recalled.

The international mission expressed its gratefulness to the Congolese authorities for their valuable collaboration to efforts aimed at restoring peace, security and stability in the embattled CAR.

PANA reported that on 15 February, units of the MISCA, in collaboration with French Mission, Sangaris, launched a disarmament operation in the district of Boy Rabe, in Bangui, meant to neutralize the unlawful anti-Balaka armed group.

Pana 28/02/2014