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Trans-border gas trafficking Senegal-Mali

Senegal and Mali have announced that trucks carrying goods between Dakar and Bamako will not be allowed to have a third gas tank as from 3 March in a bid to prevent gas trafficking, PANA reported Wednesday.

A joint statement by Senegal's Interior Minister Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo and Mali's Security Minister General Sada Samaké said only trucks with two tanks connected to the engine will be allowed on the Dakar/Bamako route.

The statement warned that the security forces of both countries will cooperate to stop all forms of trafficking, including that of gas.

'If there is a third tank connected to the truck, it will have to be emptied on the Senegalese territory. No bulk transport of gas will be authorised,' the statement added.

For over a week now, many Malian trucks have been prevented from entering into Senegal at the border-post of Diboli because they are carrying a huge volume of gas in a third tank, in barrels or in tins.

The truck drivers are suspected to be supplying the products to the black market.

Pana 27/02/2014