Last updateDim, 25 Jan 2015 12pm

Force claims crushing 70% of rebel forces-Sudan

Khartoum, Sudan - Sudan's Rapid Intervention Force (RIF), hitherto unknown, said it had crushed 70% of the rebel Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in South Kordufan’s Western Nuba Mountains.

The South kordufan and Nuba Mountains, some 700 kilometres west of the nation's capital, Khartoum, have been the scene of clashes between Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the rebel coalition of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front.

But Maj.-Gen. Abbas Abdul Aziz, the RIF Commander, was quoted by the local media Wednesday as saying his forces have managed to “crush” 70% of those rebel forces and are determined to continue wiping the rebels from South Kordufan before moving westwards to Darfur.

No further details of the fighting in which the RIF has 'crushed' the rebels have been released.

Talks aimed at ending the fighting, which were recently suspended, are due to resume in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Thursday under the auspices of the African Union High Level Implementation Panel, led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki.

Pana 27/02/2014