Last updateSam, 31 Jan 2015 10am

Society: 'S/Sudanese fleeing into Sudan displaced, not refugees'

The Sudanese government regards South Sudan citizens who have fled the war at home into Sudan as “displaced” persons, not refugees, and are treated as Sudanese citizens, the local media Wednesday quoted Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Suleiman Abdul Rahman Suleiman as saying.

The Commissioner said the displaced Southerners can take up the jobs they used to occupy with the private sector in the Sudan before South Sudan's secession but can't take up government jobs.

He said teams from the Civil Registration Administration of the Ministry of the Interior would tour regions bordering South Sudan to register the displaced South Sudanese so they can travel deeper into Sudan.

The Commissioner put at 13,000 the number of South Sudanese who are now in South and West Kordufan and White Nile states. 

South Sudan has been in crisis since last December when a conflict within the government snowballed into a full-scale battle in several states.

Hundreds have been killed or displaced in the fighting, even as regional bodies continue their efforts to restore peace.

Pana 27/02/2014