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UNSMIL expresses concern over continued violence in Libya

New York, US - The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) says ongoing violence in the country is a violation of human dignity and urged authorities to end instability in the country which runs counter to the values of rule of law and respect for human rights to which Libyans aspire.

A UN statement on Tuesday quoted the mission as stating its 'deep concerns about the continued violence, including assassinations, bombings, kidnappings and attacks in the east and other Libyan areas'.

It called on officials and all forces to do their utmost to put an end to all acts which threatened stability in Libya, put the security of its people at risk, violated human dignity and undermined the values that Libyans upheld.

It noted that judges, members of the security forces, activists, civilians and Arab and foreign nationals had all been targeted, as had polling centres and buildings housing government and diplomatic missions.

UNSMIL has been supporting the efforts of the Libyan government and people to ensure the success of the democratic transition process in the country, which has been under way since the toppling of Mouammar Kadhafi in the 17 February revolution three years ago.

Pana 26/02/2014