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Libya: Ali Zeida to visit Iraq over death sentence against Libyan national

Tripoli, Libya - Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan is planning a visit to Iraq in an effort to stop the impending execution of a Libyan citizen, Adel al-Chaalali, Culture Minister al-Habib al-Amine said on Monday.

He said in a statement issued here that the Prime Minister would use the visit to discuss the issue with his Iraqi counterpart, Nouri Al-Maliki.

Ahead of the visit, Libya's Deputy Minister of Justice for human rights Sahar al-Baton will this week travel to Iraq over the issue of Libyan prisoners in the country.

”We hope that our Iraqi brothers will understand the situation of the families of prisoners and show them compassion for humanitarian reasons,” the Culture Minister said.

A total of 16 Libyans are in prison in Iraq. They include al-Chaalali and Adel al-Zaoui, who were convicted for terrorism and the killing of civilians.

Pana 25/02/2014