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Contemporary slavery forms in Mauritania

UN special sappoteur on contemporary slavery forms to visit Mauritania - The UN special rappoteur on contemporary slavery forms, Mrs Gulnara Shahinian, is expected on Monday in Nouakchott for a four-day visit to Mauritania where slavery persists despite several bills against the practice, reliable sources told PANA on Saturday.

The dehumanising phenomenon remains at the centre of a huge disagreement between the Mauritanian authorities and anti-slavery NGOs, who have denounced the absence of political will to eradicate it.

The sources note that during a previous mission, the UN special rappoteur found the persistence in Mauritania of contemporary slavery forms.

This new visit will enable Mrs Shahinian to continue to dialogue with the Mauritanian authorities in an effort to adopt a movement to eradicate slavery from the country.

The attainment of that goal would be an important step to end domestic slavery in the country, the sources said.

In that respect, Mrs Shahinian will, in addition to government authorities, meet the country’s civil society organizations and the outcome and recommendations of her visit will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in September.

Pana 23/02/2014