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Investigations into crashed plane in Libya

Libyan official to help in investigations into crashed plane - A senior Libyan civil aviation official has flown to the Tunisian capital, Tunis, to assist in investigations into the crash of a Libyan military medical plane in Tunisia on Friday, according to official sources.

A Libyan government statement said the official will “follow investigations with the Tunisian authorities” and also bring back the bodies of all 11 victims who perished in the crash.

The Libyan government said it hoped the official investigations would determine the true causes of the crash.

The communique said one of the engines of the plane, which was carrying three doctors, two patients and six crew “was probably on fire” before the crash.

Tunisian civil aviation authorities said they 'received SOS appeals before losing contact with the aircraft which totally disappeared from the radar'.

The aircraft crashed early on Friday 40 km south of Tunis in the region of Gharmallah.

The Libyan authorities have identified one of victims of Friday morning's crash.

He is Mr Al-Mabrouk Issa Al-Dawoudi, a former member of the Libyan transition government led by Abdel Rahim Al-KibMiftah. He was being flown to Tunisia for medical treatment when the plane crashed.

Pana 22/02/2014