Last updateDim, 01 Fév 2015 3pm

497,000 Libyans voted in Constituent Assembly polls

Tripoli, Libya - Some 497,663 persons, being 45% of registered voters in Libya, voted on Thursday to elect the 60 members of the Constituent Assembly that will draft the country's new Constitution, according to the High National Electoral Commission.

Addressing a press conference after the polls, the president of the Commission, Nouri al-Abaar, deplored the incidents which prevented certain regions from participating in the polls.

According to him, voting was disrupted by some vandals, who forced officials to stop the process in some constituencies in the East and South.

The incident caused the death of one person in the eastern city of Derna .

However, al-Abaar said that despite the incidents, the elections were successfully held in many other parts of the country.

Mr. al-Abaar said that a total of 1,611 voting centres were opened, including 34 reserved for the Amazigh minority, who boycotted the polls.

He announced that the Commission would organize new polls in those areas where elections could not hold.

Altogether, 649 candidates featured in the polls in the three regions - Cyrenaica in the East, Tripolitaine in the west and Fezzan in the south.

Pana 22/02/2014