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Senior UN human rights official praises 'good cooperation' with Togo

The deputy commissioner of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs Flavia Pansieri, ended a visit to Togo on Thursday with a commendation of the “significant progress” made in human rights activities and the “good cooperation” with the Togolese government.

'I end my visit with the conviction that the country is an example of successful cooperation between a government and the High Commissioner for Human Rights,' she said.

Mrs Pansieri said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights would continue to assist Togo to promote and protect human rights, whether through its office in the West African state or technical expertise.

'Everything is not perfect. If everything were perfect, I wouldn’t be here. There are challenges and High Commissioner will make all arrangements to improve the human rights situation in Togo,' she said, urging the Togolese government to establish mechanisms to prevent torture.

She urged the Togolese authorities to tackle the conditions under which people are detained and overpopulation of prisons.

Mrs Pansieri, who arrived in Togo on 17 February, met members of the government, Parliament, the national human rights commission, civil society representatives, as well as the various UN agencies.

Pana 21/02/2014