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Authorities to probe Tuesday's violent protest

Conakry, Guinea - The Guinean Prime Minister, Mohamed Said Fofana, has pledged that the government will punish all the trouble makers following clashes Tuesday between angry protesters, demanding the restoration of electricity to their neighborhoods, and the security forces.

PANA reports that the confrontation claimed the lives of two persons.

Addressing Guineans on national radio and Television Tuesday, Fofana denounced the violence and expressed, on the behalf of the government, condolences to the families of the victims, including a young protester who was hit by a vehicle belonging to the security forces and a trainee police officer who sustained serious injuries after he had been stoned by protesters.

'The government will use all the possible legal means. The trouble makers will be unmasked to face the full weight of justice” he warned, saying that 'those who demand restoration of power have no right to attack and loot other people’s properties.'

He was referring to the looting of a foreign company contracted by the State to build roads.

The Prime Minister also accused 'the protesters and their supporters” of planning to undermine the government’s efforts to implement development projects.

Pana 20/02/2014