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Prime Minister urges Libyans to shun violence

Tripoli, Libya - The Libyan Prime Minister, Ali Zeidan, has called on his compatriots to shun violence in the pursuit of their legitimate demands, while pledging to prioritize policies likely to quickly meet the aspirations of the people.

Addressing Libyans on national TV Tuesday, Zeidan said his administration would act in such a way that there would be a peaceful transfer of power in the country.

Reacting to an alleged coup plot by units of army, he said: 'As soon as we read the release announcing the plan by some army units to take power by force from the National General Congress, we contacted all the political and tribal leaders as well as former rebels in a bid to calm the situation.

'We have also invited everyone to the negotiating table and asked aggrieved persons not to resort to violence.'

'Thank God, normalcy has been restored and we are convinced that the National General Congress will take its decisions without constraint, in a consensual and democratic manner involving all its members, to hand over power peacefully,' he said.

Ex-rebel leaders serving now at brigade 'Qaaqaa', which is under the authority of the border guards, issued a statement late on Tuesday in which they gave a five-hour ultimatum to Congress to hand over power.

The ex-rebels are demanding from the Congress the immediate transfer power to another body which they did not specify.

The house Speaker, Nouri Abousehamein, has denounced the statement, describing it as “irresponsible' and an 'attempt to confiscate the choice of the people of Libya.'

The ultimatum issued by the armed units comes two days after the adoption, on Sunday, of a bill to hold early polls.

The mandate of the National General Congress ended on 7 February.

Pana 20/02/2014