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Security-Libya: UN urges Libyans to stop using force to settle political disputes

Tripoli, Libya - The UN Support Mission in Libya has called on Libyans to stop using force to settle their political disputes, after former rebels from the South-west city of Zenten gave a five-hour deadline to the country's MPs to quit or face arrest.

In a statement issued here Tuesday, the UN Mission called on everybody to place the national interest above personal interest and shun anarchy.

'The Mission encourages everybody to restart a political dialogue in order to satisfy the will of Libyans and to secure the peaceful transfer of power from the NGC to an elected authority,' the statement said.

The UN Mission called upon all the stakeholders to meet immediately 'to prevent a deterioration of the situation and to reach, as fast as possible, an agreement that engages everybody so as to avoid a dangerous crisis that threaten Libya's security and stability'.

On Tuesday night, former Zenten rebels issued a statement in which they insisted on an immediate transfer of power to another authority other than the National General Congress (parliament), threatening to arrest members of the NGC and take them to court if they defy the call.

NGC President Nouri Abousehamein has condemned the ultimatum, describing it as 'irresponsible' and comparing it to a coup against state institutions.

On Thursday, Libyans will elect the 60 members of a Commission that has been saddled with drafting a new Constitution for the country.

Pana 20/02/2014