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Cotton: Over 300,000 tonnes of cotton produced in 2013-2014

Cotonou, Benin - Benin produced more than 300,000 tonnes of cotton during the 2013-2014 season, compared with 240,000 tonnes in the previous season, representing an increase of 60,000 tonnes.

Officials said the increased production is a step towards the government's target of 500,000 tonnes per season.

The increased production was particularly impressive in four departments in the north of the country - Atacora, Alibori, Borgou and Donga.

The cotton sector in Benin attracts a lot of monitoring, because of the importance of the crop to the economy.

In view of this, the government has been fully involved in mobilising the key players in the sector.

Also, 3,000 soldiers and young people have been deployed to Benin's cotton basin to build warehouses, assist in the harvesting, storage and transportation of cotton.

Pana 20/02/2014