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Society: 1,000 march against violence in Port Louis

Port-Louis, Mauritius - One thousand people marched on the streets of the Mauritian capital, Port Louis, Wednesday to protest violence against women, after four women were killed by their partners in one week.

Carrying posters and banners, some of which read: 'Real men do not beat women' and 'We refuse violence,' the protesters, who were led by Women and Gender Minister Mireille Martin, demanded more severe penalties against perpetrators of violence against women.

'Nothing justifies violence,' said Mrs Martin. 'What kind of an example are we giving to our children?'

The minister said aggression against women was more often a problem of society rather than that of law, and urged individuals to check their behaviour with a viewing to stopping violence against women.

Patricia Rose, whose 22-year-old daughter was killed on 26 Jan. by her partner, appealed to the protesters to reject violence, be it verbal, physical, sexual or moral.

'We should behave like humans so that we can live in peace', she said.

Pana 20/02/2014