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Gambia will never accept foreign 'dictatorial pressure'

Gambia's president Yahya Jammeh says his country will never accept dictatorial pressure from foreign powers aimed at imposing ungodly cultures on the people. “The coercive and dictatorial pressures by some foreign powers aimed at imposing on us their ungodly and decadent cultures like homosexuality and unbridled freedoms that endanger the lives of the majority, will never be accepted in this country,” he said occasion of The Gambia’s 49th Independence Anniversary on Tuesday.

He said the 'dangerous and irresponsible freedoms by these satanic forces' would one day lead to brothers marrying their biological sisters, fathers marrying their own daughters and mothers marrying their own sons. 

President Jammeh said 'the evil world they are preparing for mankind cannot be accepted by we Allah worshiping Muslims and Christians” the world over, more so Africans, and especially Gambians.

'The Gambia cannot be called dignified and independent when, instead of putting our destiny in the might of the Almighty Allah’s custody, we look up to satanic powers that be, whose only objective for humanity is to glorify all that is evil and ungodly.

“These so-called world powers comprising of racist, homosexual, devil and material worshiping perverts bent on the continuous sucking of African blood and resources to perpetuate decadence, abject poverty, violence and mayhem in Africa, cannot be listened to by Allah-worshiping people like us, more so be taken for masters.”

President Jammeh said The Gambia would continue to pursue a foreign policy based on equality and genuine friendship with the rest of the world, adding that such friendship must be anchored on mutual respect and inviolability of the country's sovereignty and independence.

“We are not against any country or race but we demand absolute respect for our religious values from all nations regardless of size, race, wealth or ideology,” he said.

President Jammeh said his country did not and shall never interfere with the domestic politics of any nation and therefore would not tolerate interference in its domestic affairs under any guise.

The Gambian president warned that homosexuality would never be tolerated and in fact “will attract the ultimate penalty since it is intended to bring homosexuals or gays the same way we are fighting malaria-causing mosquitoes.”

He also warned that Gambia would not spare any homosexual and therefore 'no diplomatic immunity will be respected for any diplomat who is found guilty or accused of being a homosexual'.

Pana 19/02/2014