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Report on media workers, journalists killed in 2013

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has published its latest report on the number of journalists and media workers killed across the globe in 2013, PANA reported Monday.

According to IFJ, the report provides information on the 105 journalists and media staff who lost their lives in 'targeted attacks, bomb attacks and other cross fire incidents' during the year.

The report is said to be also raising awareness of the continued safety crisis for journalists around the globe. 'There are also updates on 15 accidental deaths recorded last year.'

Documenting the precarious and often brutal situation for journalists reporting in conflict areas, war and political unrest, the IFJ Report shows that the deadliest regions for journalists in 2013 were Asia Pacific, with 29% of the killings, and the Middle East and Arab World with 27%.

Syria, the Philippines, Pakistan, Iraq and India, have been named as 'the most dangerous' countries for media workers across the world.

'The media death toll of 2013 confirms the abject failure of governments to hold accountable those who are responsible for violence against journalists, which has entrenched the culture of impunity for attacks on media professionals,' the report stresses.

'There is an urgent need for governments to protect and enforce journalists' basic right to life. Governments across the world must take drastic action to stem the bloodbath in media.'

The report also features regional insights on the situation of press freedom in the Middle East and Arab World, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and Latin American regions.

It also highlights the continued security risks to women journalists and the support provided by the IFJ's International Safety Fund to journalists and media staff in need.

Pana 18/02/2014